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WS / Website Strategy

Roadmaps to Success & Profit

Website Strategy

Everything you do has a strategy; why not your website?

Stop leaving your website project up in the air with convoluted explanations and unclear expectations.

Start your Website Journey with a Website Strategy from Idea to Content to Launch!

Available Solutions

Website Strategy Sessions for Where You Are:
– Website Audit: The Breakdown
– Content Delivery & Technology Evaluation
– Website Conversion Strategy
– Website Content Strategy
– Launch Ready: Website Strategy

Our Process

Most of our process depends on you. Yes, we are expert s at what we do, we need you to bring the knowledge of what your business needs are currently and in the future.

All website strategies are focused on incremental steps and completely dependent on your ability to give clear explanations of your goals and/or analytics.

How we'll work together:

  1. Business Insights
  2. Brand Insights
  3. Content Type
  4. Marketing
  5. Audience
  6. Website Expectations

OP / Our Process

All Strategies Are Customized for Your Business & Brand Needs

Strategy Expectations:

Late arrivals effect the amount of time we have to go in depth during your session. There will not be time added as Bklyn Custom Designs must also consider the time of all clients who booked their own sessions. We have to show up for them as well.

Understanding your own data/analytics will be key into how you can contribute to your session. Although we give you strategies based on various factors, your current data will help shape much of this session and your results.

Now that you have your website strategy created, let us help you implement it! We are available to you if you want us to implement your strategy for you.

Knowing your business and business model is vital. We'll as you questions based on your responses to your intake form and during our session. This will help us dive deeper and help you build your strategy.

All Strategy Session are Consultations only.  Focused on helping you gain clarity on how your business can use your website as a foundation in your Marketing. Book now!

The best way to get quick results is for you to take action immediately. If you need help, more guidance, or simply want someone else to implement; we've got you! Book with us today to get started!

We strive to bring your vision to reality

Partners & Projects

We understand how important your business is to you and we're invested in the success of your site as much as you are. We're in this together.

Selected Projects

see what we've done

We take pride in helping established Consultants, Coaches, & Speakers, like you, show up as the experts they are in their zones of genius through custom website and brand strategies & development.

Get a taste of a few of our projects & see how we help our clients transform clicks to profit.

Website Strategy FAQs

  • General
  • Experience
  • Deliverables
  • Expectations

How much is the investment to work with you?

Every strategy is unique, so we aim to focus on your business needs and the best use case that will support your brand. Assessing your goals, process, and the technology required to support your needs is just the start. Currently, Strategy Sessions fall within the $900-2k range.

I’m ready to book. Now what?

Wonderful! The first step is to reach out to us & book your session. From there you’ll receive an email confirmation regarding your session. From there we’ll get to know each other, your business, your strategy needs and make sure we create the best strategy for your current needs for you and your brand.

How soon can we begin?

Our availability varies throughout the year, but we typically book sessions 24+ hours in advance. To get an idea of our current availability, book your session on our Strategy page.

Do you offer payment plans?

No. Currently, for all Strategy Sessions there are no payment plan options available. All payments are due (in full) before your session can be booked.

How long does each Strategy session take?

All Strategy Sessions take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

How are each session performed?

All of our Strategy Session are done via a Virtual meeting using tools such as Zoom. All sessions are recorded so we can also conduct a website audit and go through your current website.

Are there follow-up sessions?

No. For our Strategy Sessions, we do not have follow-up meetings. These sessions are one-time sessions. Please feel free to book another session or to implement the strategy for you, please book your project with us here.

Will I receive the video from the session?

Yes. You will have 5 days to download the video before it's automatically deleted from our storage system.

What is included in each Strategy Session?

All of our Strategy sessions include a video of our session. These will be provided for you to review and have the complete walk-through of what our recommendations are for your Brand and website.

How will I receive the video from the session?

We use a system called Dubsado to conduct and will deliver the video through a Cloud storage link in your Client Portal. This will allow you to download the video within 5 days of delivery before it's automatically deleted from our storage system.

Will there be a replay of the session?

Yes. It will not be a replay but we will send you the video of your session so you can download it and keep it for reference.

How much time do I have to access my final files?

You will have 5 days to access and download your final files from the Cloud folder provided to you. An email notification will also be sent to you before the final day.

Who is responsible for creating the Website Strategy?

Our Website Strategies are based on a collaborative effort. Once you've completed the provided questionnaire during the booking of your session, we will go through your responses and devise a preliminary strategy for you. During our session, we will work through the phases with you to refine the strategy and clarify some measurable actions for you to implement.

Who implements the steps for my website strategy?

We will help advise you during your session, but ultimately you are responsible for implementing your own strategy. If you prefer, feel free to book us and we'll happily create an implementation proposal for your strategic updates.

What should I have prepared before we begin my session?

You should have a clear understanding of how you currently attract clients and website visitors, know which lead magnets you have, and know your analytical data of your website traffic and advertising or marketing funnels. This will be part of your initial steps to shaping your strategy.

Overall, what is expected of me as a client?

While each website strategy will have a specific list of client responsibilities, the number one expectation we have for our clients is they invest implementation time and effort in the session. Set 60-mins of uninterrupted time with us so you can get the full benefit of our help to map out your strategy. We also ask that you arrive on time so you receive the full 60-minutes of your session. We will not extend time for those who arrive late out of respect for our other sessions.

PayPal Credit & Payment Plans are available. We also accept:

If you won't invest in your brand & business, why should anyone else?

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